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Community Heat (Distribution) and Electricity

This is the home page for the networking effort to debate, encourage and establish the case for a Heat Distribution infrastructure as a critical contributor to more efficient and sustainable use of energy and electricity.

It arose from work done for a submission to the UK Energy Review consultation closing in April 2006. The work and the paper submitted - Community Heat and Electricity - has its own Home page.

Since then it has become clear that the concept is important, and that, if pursued rigorously we could make major contributions to emissions reductions. If we can shift the efficiency of our electricity generation from current levels of 30% - 60% towards those of condensing boilers (95%+), this will go a long way towards delivering the sort of emissions reductions we must achieve if our planet is to stay habitable. Key to this is making use of heat that we cannot make into electricity, and not using so much fuel just for heat.

So this home page is the introduction to a groups listbot CHDE@yahoogroups.com dedicated to discussion of the concepts and ways to model it. It became CHDE because CHE was not available, but CHDE was available both as a domain name and as a yahoo groups name.

The listbot addresses are:

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The group is closed, so if you wish to join, please drop a short note explaining your interest and involvement to the subscribe address.

If you have a relevant paper that you are happy to see referenced from this page, please contact david@hirstsolutions.eu. I will also be happy to host relevant papers.

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